“How-To” Baking – Pastry Bags

A pastry bag is used to pipe frosting, whipped cream, or similar mixtures on to cakes and cupcakes. They can also be used to insert fillings into cakes (jelly, pudding, cream, etc) or to pipe soft mashed potatoes.

There is an almost endless selection of different pastry tips available to purchase, everything from lines to swirls to flowers. Pastry tips also come in a multitude of sizes, some big enough to pipe frosting to cover a whole cake easily and quickly. A basic beginner set is all that is needed to start creating beautifully decorated baked goods.

Wilton Master Decorating Tip Set, 55-Piece decorating tips, 2104-0240

To use a pastry bag just follow these easy steps:

  • Fold the top edge of the pastry bag down to form a “cuff”.
  • Fill the pastry bag about halfway with frosting, cream, etc. Do NOT overfill.
  • Unfold the cuff and press the frosting down towards the tip, twist the top several times to seal.
  • With your dominant hand, grip the bag at the twisted part. Lightly support the bottom of the bag behind the tip with your other hand.
  • Keep the pastry bag at a 45 degree angle holding the tip close to, but not touching, the cake and gently squeeze.
  • Squeeze with steady pressure for an even line. More force will result in larger shapes, less force will result in smaller shapes.
  • Twist the bag regularly to keep it smooth and taught.

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