“How-To” Baking – Brown Butter

Brown butter (also called beurre noisette) will help to elevate any dish, sweet or savory. As the water within the butter evaporates the milk solids that are left behind will begin to turn golden brown from the heat. The result is a butter that is rich and nutty with a very fragrant aroma. Brown butter can be added to cakes and cookies and even things like savory sauces and pasta dishes!

In only takes a few minutes to make brown butter. In a light colored pan*, melt the desired amount of butter over medium heat, stirring occasionally. After 4-5 minutes the butter will begin to foam and bubble, keep stirring and watching it closely at this point. As the foaming begins to subside watch the color of the butter, once it looks slightly golden brown remove it from the heat and pour it into a bowl to cool. You will know the butter is browned and ready by the aroma, it should smell nutty and fragrant at this point. The brown butter can be strained to remove the dark brown milk solids or it can be used “as is”. Either way is fine, it’s simply personal preference.

*The lighter colored pan will allow you to see the color changes in the butter as it cooks and browns.

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