“How-To” Baking – Macerating

Macerating basically means to soak fruit in juice so that is becomes softened, juicy, and the flavor intensified. Fruit can be macerated in various liquids such as liquors and liqueurs, syrups, vinegar, citrus juice, and extracts such as vanilla or almond. Different fruits can be macerated together in order to meld their flavors. When doing this, start the tougher skinned fruits first and then add the softer fruits later in the process so they don’t become too mushy.

Some recipes might call for macerating fruits by sprinkling them with sugar. Although not *technically* macerating as there is no liquid being applied to the fruit, the sugar does serve to draw the moisture out of the fruit. When the moisture combines with the sugar in the bowl it creates a nice juicy syrup. This method works particularly well with fresh strawberries.

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