Kitchen Must Have – Taylor Grill Beef Button Thermometer

Taylor Thermometer

(Photo courtesy of

The Taylor Grill Beef Button Thermometer is tiny but mighty and a definite “Kitchen Must Have“. While you can learn to test a steak or other meats for doneness simply by doing the touch test it’s far easier to use this simple little gadget. Since I’ve been using it my steaks have been coming out absolutely perfect EVERY single time!

Before placing your meat on the grill simply insert the thermometer into the side of your steak until it’s touching the meat, avoiding any gristle or bone. Once inserted, grill as you normally would periodically checking the thermometer as you go. Take into consideration carryover cooking when determining if the meat is cooked to your liking. (Carryover cooking means that the meat will retain heat and continue to cook even once it is removed from the heat source.) For me, I like a nice medium cooked steak so once the arrow gets into the medium range I remove my steak from the grill and allow it rest for about 10 minutes. By the time I slice it it’s a perfect pink center overflowing with juiciness.

I think this little gadget will become indispensable in your kitchen and I highly recommend purchasing one. This particular model seems to be a little harder to find, I had found it on clearance, but I did see that Target carries it. Click here to get yours!

Handy Chart for Proper Thermometer Placement

Thermometer Placement


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