Favorite Finds

So many gadgets! So many goodies! So little time!

Over the years I have developed a keen eye for spotting a deal and let me tell you, there is nothing better than stumbling upon a great item at a great price. While I love me some Williams-Sonoma® and Sur La Table® they don’t always offer the best prices but with a little luck, you can often find the same brands offered in these stores at places such as Home Goods®, Marshall’s®, Tuesday Morning® or similar discount retail chains. I have come across excellent cookware pieces by Staub® and Le Creuset® for a fraction of what they would cost in some higher end stores. I’ve also found beautiful knives, cooking utensils, pans and bowls all at prices that would make your jaw drop.

Below is a collection of some of my favorite finds from around town and online and while not everything I come across will be available in your neck of the woods, this list will still give you an idea of the items that I most love to use in my own kitchen. Enjoy!

**Prices and availability are current at time of posting**

Lodge Cast Iron Pot

This adorable 2.5 qt Lodge Enamel Cast Iron Pot was a steal at just $19.99 in Marshall’s®. It’s the perfect size for heating up soup, making a quick gravy or preparing a delicious side dish. I was so excited to add this one to my collection!

Menu Planning Pages.jpg

I am a hardcore organizer and planner at heart so when I came across these meal planning pages by Hearth and Hand at Target® I had to have them. At just $6.99 a pack they were a great deal and will be so helpful when it comes to my meal planning. Here’s a tip, to save money set aside one blank menu planner and as you run out, make copies which will be even cheaper than buying another pack. Click here to order.

onion goggles

Hear me out. I know these are dorky and seem completely silly however, they are so totally worth it. What is worse than crying your eyes while chopping onions? Tears be gone with these nifty little onion goggles. The super soft foam on the inside keeps these goggles snug to your face so the onion odors stay out and your eyes stay clear. They retail at Sur La Table® for $22.95 however, I try to never pay full price for anything so keep your eyes out because they they will often offer discounts of 20% including FREE shipping! Order your pair right here .


I will readily admit that when it comes to cookbooks, I have a problem. I have quite an expansive collection and even with that, rarely will I pass up a good cookbook at a great price. More than just the recipes I enjoy the vibrant pictures and anecdotal stories which are often sprinkled throughout the book. As with most things, I am all about getting a good deal so I will NEVER pay full price for a cookbook or really any book for that matter. Aside from Amazon® having great discounts I have done very well finding amazing cookbooks at incredible prices at both BJ’s® and in the discount section of Barnes and Noble®. You can find beautiful, hardcover cookbooks for as little as $5! How can you say no to that deal? Keep an eye out the next time you’re shopping, you’ll be surprised at what you can find!

amazon mat

Silicone baking mats are everything! Seriously. They making baking a breeze as nothing sticks to them and with proper care, they will last a good long time. My first set of silicone mats were by Silpat® and while they were great, they were pricey. Enter the Amazon Basics® silicone mats. At just over $8 for a set of two they are far most cost efficient and they work just as well as the Silpat® brand. Grab your pair by clicking here.

fork and sppon

These two inexpensive items from Sur La Table® have become indispensable gadgets in my kitchen, I absolutely love them! In fact, I love them so much that I bought two of each! The Ultimate Fork® works great when cooking spaghetti or shredding meat and The Ultimate Spoon® is great for virtually anything and everything that needs stirring. The nice thing about them is that they are silicone with a metal core so they are super sturdy but won’t scratch your pots and pans. They retail for $9.95/each however, Sur La Table® often runs BOGO sales on their gadgets and utensils. Keep an eye out! To order the spoon online, click here . To order the fork online, click here .


I found this great spatula at Target® the other day, it’s part of the “Cravings” collection by Chrissy Teigen and at only $4.99 I couldn’t pass it up. I really love the sharply angled tip, it does an excellent job of getting into the tight corners so you can be sure to scoop out of all the batter, dressing or food in your bowl. It’s both an attractive and functional spatula and I am happy to have added to my collection. Want your own? Click here .

If you’re fortunate enough to have a Sur La Table® nearby definitely be sure to check out their clearance section. It’s usually tucked away in a small corner of the store and they almost always have some great things available, especially around seasons end when they have to make room for new merchandise. I just picked up these beautiful bowls the other day for only $3.99/each. I love the gorgeous colors and they are the perfect size for leftovers, individual servings of soup or cereal and even meal prep. They had a few colors to choose from so you could definitely grab a set of matching bowls however, I think it’s more fun to mix and match. If you don’t have a Sur La Table nearby, check them out online as they offer many great clearance deals there too, often times with free shipping. Click here to visit them online.