Kitchen Must Have – Deep Dish Pie Plate

Happiness is Homemade Pie

I readily admit that I have a slight obsession with all things kitchen related, particularly serving pieces such as bowls, platters and dishes. Recently, I came across a really nice deep dish pie plate at Sur La Table that I just couldn’t pass up, even though I already have one.  It was a beautiful color and on clearance for only $10 so I scooped it up! It’s been a very useful addition to my kitchen because it serves so many functions aside from holding pie. Here are just a few ways that I put my deep dish pie plates to work:

  • Serve chips at a party
  • Use it for a crudité plate – place a small bowl in the center for dip and surround with fresh veggies
  • Cook up a shepard’s pie
  • Serve homemade candies such as cut-up pieces of fudge
  • Bake a basic round cake
  • Whip up some creamy macaroni and cheese
  • Use it as a bread basket for sliced Italian bread or burger and hot dog buns
  • Stack homemade cookies inside
  • Use it for your next family breakfast, it’s perfect for holding a ton of scrambled eggs
  • Make a casserole for dinner
  • Serve pasta for two
  • Flip it over, place a plate on top, and you have a makeshift cake stand
  • Use it as a serving dish for mashed potatoes, rice, or other side dishes
  • Bake a batch of cinnamon buns
  • Use it to serve up hot, layered dips
  • Make a hearty quiche
  • Cook a family style chicken pot pie
  • Use it as a serving dish for fresh fruit salad
  • Fill it with mini muffins and pastries at your next brunch

In short, the best pieces for your kitchen are the ones that can perform double and triple duty so get the most out of the kitchen things that you own by figuring out how you can use them in another way. It’s so nice to be able to use all of the pretty things that you own instead of watching them accumulate dust. 

Lastly, and of course obviously, a deep dish pie plate makes an awesome, kick butt, sky high fruit pie. Shallow pie plates are great for things like pudding pies, custard pies, or pumpkin pies but for a fruit pie, deep dish is the way to go in my opinion. I love that you can pile in loads and loads of fruit without having to worry about it spilling over and creating a mess in your oven. Plus, what is better than a big, thick slice of pie smothered in vanilla ice cream or freshly whipped cream? My most favorite pie is Dutch Apple , it is filled with a ton of cinnamon sugar coated apples and finished with big, buttery crumbs on top. It’s definitely a crowd pleaser!

So go ahead and pull out those pie dishes and get creative. If you don’t have one, get one! You can find great deals on pie dishes at places like Home Goods, Target, Amazon, and especially clearance racks. A good rule of thumb is to have both a shallow and deep dish pie pan on hand, having both will allow you to create an endless amount of food and baked goods.